Josh Goodrich


Reactions in Time & Space, 2012

The headdresses symbolize three destinct emotions: depression, confusion, and aggression. Captured in slow motion, the film flows in an elegant nature and captures the effects of a growing storm on our subjects. The result is an emotionally driven piece that finds beauty in the changing state of things.

My roles and responsibilities : Director, producer, mask design, fabricator, pa.


Directed by David Hill and Josh Goodrich
Music by Now, Now - The Pull

Actors - Emily Rayner, Melissa Cole, and Andy Miyamotto
Director of Photography - Jonathan Yi
Camera Technician - Chris Sullivan
Gaffer - Ray Richards
Production Assistant - Edgardo Leon “Geo”
Script Supervisor - Brittany Summitt
Thanks to Jacob Kafka, Sang-Jin Bae and Joel Kretschman

Supported by Hornet Inc.