Josh Goodrich

The Greetings Project

The Greetings Project, 2012 

The Greetings Project is a sequence of postcards that tell a poem. The story is told as a person flips through each postcard. A big part of this project was the typography in each section, which was designed individually on each postcard. The overall message is positive and uplifting with the idea to inspire. As a personal piece, The Greetings Project was designed as a campaign that consisted of video, web and print.

My roles and responsibilities : Director, type designer, web design, illustrator, storyboard, concept, and layout.


Directors - Josh Goodrich & David Hill

Director of Photography - Jonathan Yi

Illustrators - Anne Calandre, Nick Iluzada, Josh Goodrich, David Hill

Animators - Josh Goodrich, Anne Calandre, Stieg Retlin, Yussef Cole, Dan Savage, Lilka Hara, and Mark Pecoraro

Producer - Sang-Jin Bae

Music - David Kamp

Supported by Hornet Inc.