Josh Goodrich




Here is a collection of my past work that i have directed and or designed. Take a look!

Electric Projected

I was invited to create an animation for building projection, during a festival. It was really awesome.

Director, Designer, Animator

Sound Creature

David Kamp the composer of wonderful music curated a project where artist were able to create imagery inspired by his sounds. This was our Sound Bug. More on the project at Sound Creatures

Design, Concept

Unicef - Just One

Just one euro can help people in need!

Director, Designer

Bijules - Green Box

Bijules was featured in a project for Becks Beer, which used

Director, Comp

Helado Negro - 2º dia

Music video for the talented Helado Negro.

Director, Designer, Comp

Colgate - Space Trip

Its a wacky space trip filled with food and brushing your teeth!

Director, Designer, Illustrator, Concept, Comp.

Sony - Music Like No Other

An epic ballad of self discovery

Director, Designer, Illustrator, Concept, Animation

Stand Up

These little creatures help this robot stand up! This is a psa for the UN Summit to raise awareness and stand up to make a difference against poverty

Director, designer, animator, illustrator

Snapple - Sobe es Natural

Director, Designer, Animator, Comp

Psst....Pass It On 3

Bran Dougherty - Johnson invited us to create a segment of his Pass it On series.

Director. Designer, Animator, Concepts, Illustrator

Old Time Stars 

Music video for Roberto Lange


Maryland Lotto

Director, Designer, Animator, Illustrator

J&B - Cross Section

Director, Designer, Animator, Concept

Triedent - Goats

Director, designer, concept